New Trojans and malware

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New Trojans and malware

Post by Trouble » Thursday, 22 May 2008, 4:39 AM

Be careful out there. I am seeing alot of new/modified trojan prgrams and viruses on our system network at the office.
Make sure you keep your spyware, adware, and virus programs up to date...and run that firewall!!
There is very good free software @ and Avast is an excellent antivirus which is free for home use.
Found a trojan called "mkrndofl" on one of our terminals....bypassed McAfee and our firewall!!! It is a modified version of the "zlob" strand.
I almost lost a harddrive due to this strand after looking for info on General Lee and Connex on my work pc....while I was on break of course!!

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Post by Foxhunter » Thursday, 22 May 2008, 12:06 PM

Yeah that's cool to remind the readers, probably can't stress that enough. There are many variations of the "Zlob Downloader" and it usually gets in by prompting you to allow ActiveX control for a download. Not long ago I had trouble with the Vundo Generic/Virtumonde (many strands or variations there too) on a family members PC and had a hell of a time with it.
To the readers: Be advised that MANY MANY so-called "anti-spyware" programs (usually "free") are actually nothing but spyware themselves or a malicious program. Really cross-reference a program you may be considering choosing and one that's proven to be legit.

Here's a couple of GOOD and FREE programs. "Malwarebytes" "Spybot Search and Destroy" ... anner.mspx Microsoft's "Windows LiveOnecare Safety Scanner" Microsoft's "Malicious Software Removal Tool"

I use all the above mentioned programs and they work excellent. I also use a fee-based program----Paretolgic Anti-spyware -

I also use Microsoft's "Windows LiveOnecare" which is fee-based and different than the one above (the OncCare Safety Scanner is a free online version) ... fault.mspx

Hope everyone also knows to use as many anti-spyware anit-malware as you'd like but should use only one Anti-Virus program because they will cause conflicts

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Re: New Trojans and malware

Post by pachace » Thursday, 01 July 2010, 10:55 AM

Avast has worked wonders on my machine.

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