Need help posting somethign in my signature

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Need help posting somethign in my signature

Post by Kaos » Wednesday, 18 December 2013, 7:48 AM

I want to post the solar terrestrial data (real time) in my sig. I seen another member here w/ it in theirs but I'm not sure how they did it. I have a link to a chart but not sure how to put it in my signature. Every time I put it in there it just shows up as text. TIA.

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Re: Need help posting somethign in my signature

Post by 231 » Wednesday, 18 December 2013, 11:17 AM

If I'm not mistaken you need to be here a little longer and continue posting. At 100 legitimate posts you'll be able to buy and sell as well. That's kinda' the magic number around here. This is in place for a variety of reasons but the biggest to prevent spamming. We do everything possible to prevent spammers from even being able to register. But once in awhile they get through.

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