My AM deaf D201

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Well, Barkett doesn't seem to want to work on a complete refurbish
at this time.

Guess I would be willing to just get a good repair and have the thing working, lol.

Still praying for the positive outcome of this issue.

73 fer now,

Mike aka PA223

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Hi, Did you ever solve your Tram D201 issue ? asking because I have the exact same issue. I read someplace that the relay can cause this issue but have not been able to locate a replacement. I did the same as you, recapped and replaced all the 2 and 3 watt resistors. Tubes are all good!.

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Hello,B C,D did you get the tram working? if so where did you send it.I have a D201 A.that has issues from being dropped so I need some one who really specializes in the old Beasts.I wild rally appreciate if you could help Regards warlock35po

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