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Question on the Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB radio

Whether you're new to using single sideband (SSB) or have years of experience, this forum is the perfect place to ask your questions or provide assistance to those who are new.
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Joined: January 24th, 2023, 1:49 pm
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Question on the Uniden Bearcat 980 SSB radio


Post by JWWRadio »

I read that the display on these units were a problem. Did Uniden every resolve that problem. I am looking to put a SSB unit in my Truck.


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Windwalker 1
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Post by Windwalker 1 »

I know they had problems but I dont know if they fixed it for sure. I did hear that the newer year model 980ssb radio is OK !!
To tell if you have the new or old model look on the back of the radio and look for a screw next to or close to the coax connector. The newer model radio DOES NOT have a screw there and the older models do.
Because of this problem the cost of bad, no good or used 980ssb radios are high because of the parts.
If possible take the radio inside at night and dont let it freeze.


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443 Arizona
Wordwide & Qualified
Wordwide & Qualified
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Post by 443 Arizona »

i posted several times on this radio, it is a delicate radio, worked fine until it was put in a truck in Arizona heat, display completely blanks out after a few minutes, etc, etc, read my posts on it,
all in all i would not buy one. not even for $2 at a garage sale

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