Help identifying alternator.

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Help identifying alternator.


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So dumb question. My van is a 1993 Ford E250 with a 4.9L inline six. The alternator is anything but stock, as it is a single lead to the idiot light on the dash, I have tried to get / install a 150 amp alternator to upgrade from factory which is how I found this isn't right. The ears for the bolts are about 1" further apart than the replacement alternator, and again, one wire for signal where a 93 should have had I believe a 2 wire setup.

This van is set up as a class B motorhome so it has DC to DC charging, fridge, way more lighting than a regular van should have blah blalh blah...

Anyway I would love to know how to either ID what is in there, OR what brackets I need to return back to the stock size alternator housing so I can swap in this 150. And no I will not be running a sweet 16 in this rig, for multiple reasons including no really good way to set up the antenna to make it worth it...

I mean this thing LOOKS like a Ford housing, it's just bigger than what I expect...

Is there some guide somewhere that will give me dimensions or something on the various standard alternators the different domestic MFGs used?

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Since not finding helpful answers here, or other forums, let me post what I found...

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I was absolutely certain I was looking at a Motorcraft alternator on my Ford van, not because someone can't fit an AC Delco to it, but because the case looked like the one on my F150, just sized different. So I did some googlin'

And came up with this site.

[Please login or register to view this link]

Futher digging, and a visual inspection of what I have shows this is a 3G Large case alternator. Now trying to find fittment. They were fitted to 4.9L (300CID) inline sixes on the F series trucks, but not the E series vans which got the small case 3G alternator.

Call to Summit racing the small case 3G is going back the large case 200 amp 3G is coming in, ships today. So we are good to go...
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